My 2011 in numbers - Happy new year!

The 2011 is over or, better, the 2012 has begun. A lot has been done, but the most important thing is that a lot has to be done. Here is my happy new year wish for you, fulfilled of my beloved numbers: a very synthetic and concentrated abstract of 150 litres of sweat.

My training year in numbers:
  • 150 workouts
  • 95000 kCal burned
  • 1500 km run
  • 14000 m climbed
  • 110 h of training
  • 4'36"/km of average pace
  • 12 races
  • 10k race pace decreased from 3'58"/km to 3'35"/km
  • 10 kg lost
  • anaerobic threshold lowered of 16 bpm
  • rest HR lowered of 10 bpm.
Happy new year, people! And...keep on running!

"Veränderung bleibt", happy new year!

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