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BIG 25 Berlin - Preview.

One of the most famous Berlin's road races has now an official Half-Marathon course. The start will be in front of the Olympic Stadium; the course then will lead the runners through the city centre of the capital, passing Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden, Friedrichstraße, Gendarmenmarkt, Potsdamer Platz, the Memorial Church at Kurfürstendamm and the TV tower (the Half-Marathon and the 10k runners will pass through a shorter version of the route). The finish will then be on the glorious blue track of the Olympic Stadium (a very rare opportunity to trample on the legendary track). Did you train for the event? You could check your condition with a simpleConconi-test, or refine your preparation using theHypoxic chamber! For the most scientific race-enthusiasts: have you ever thought about Amino Acids supplements? More than 10000 entries are expected and after the recent record set by the 6th Berliner Airport Run (3972 runners at the start) it's not difficult to predict a great …

About avoiding supplements - The Amino Acids.

Running is sweat, fatigue, sacrifice. The systematic nature of training has always fascinated me: being just you, your body and your mind looking for the next limit it’s a kind of magic. But between what you can actually do and what you potentially do there’s a “Thin red line”, nowadays very easy to overcome: the line dividing the world of supplements by everyday’s world. I won’t write about doping and I’m not a Physiologist, a Doctor or a Nutritionist; I simply like to study those subjects that can be useful for the understanding of our body’s kinematics and dynamics (maybe it’s a professional bias, since I’m a Race Engineer; see my posts about Conconi-test and Hypoxic chambers).Taking into account the RDA* indications of BCAA** provided by FAO***, what you can find in specific literature is that a runner (or any other athlete) doesn’t really need an amino acid supplement to increase his performance: “Research on healthy subjects does not provide convincing evidence for an ergogenic…

6th Berliner Airport Run - Preview.

In Berlin there are now two airports: Tegel (the main international airport) and Schönefeld. On 2 June 2012, at 10:50 pm, an Air Berlin Boeing 737-800 operating a special 50-minute sightseeing charter flight over the city will mark the end of more than half a century of Tegel's commercial use. Schönefeld is being prepared with the construction of another landing strip and the big news for pro and amateurs runners is that we'll have the last chance to walk (or run) on the airstrip's tarmac by participating to the "6th Berliner Airport Run", on 22 April 2012. Around 3500 participants are expected, with an increase of 50% over last year (2125 starters). The track is a 10k course (which is to be run twice by half marathon runners). It’s going along the construction side of the new Airport Berlin-Brandenburg BER, on the new runway and by the new terminal.  This is the map of the course:

It should be a good chance to make a new Personal Best, since the course seems t…

Easter Monday plans.

These are my plans for Easter Monday: it looks pretty good, doesn't it? Happy Easter and...keep on training!