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A good way to end the year

The 2012 has come to a (good) end! Today's race, the 37th Berliner Silvesterlauf, aka "Der Pfannkuchenlauf", gave me a beautiful 10th place over 935 finishers along a wonderful 10 km course in the famous Grunewald (see the website for more details). Congratulations to my training partner Johannes that won the race with a perfect run, leading from the start to the finish.

After 18 races, 2800 km and 200 hours of training, 180000 kCal burned and an average pace of 4'20"/km, I can easily say that I laid the right foundations for a rewarding 2013, under every point of view.

Happy new year, my dear readers! And...keep on training!
1Riewe, Johannes1986DELG Nord Berlin0:34:002Kopf, Michael1976DESCC Berlin0:34:58

Cone-Project presents: "Emozioniadi" 2012

What are the "Emozioniadi"? It's a group-training session (not a real race, actually) where the fifth gets the bigger prize and the rules are quite simple:the event must be held at the end of seasoneveryone can participate in five different disciplines (100 m, long jump, high jump, shot put, 1000 m)the will to have fun is compulsory! Enjoy the video recap of this big party!

Snowy workout in the forest

Some images of a beautiful snowy workout in the "Tegeler Forst" (Berlin). Here you can find the GPS-track of this amazing training session. Enjoy the video!

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

The Zeitgeist (from the German "Spirit of the time") is the name given by YouTube (now Google) to the end-of-year review clip. In this short but dense video the authors put together the top search trends of 2012. You will find an amazing unifying and inspirational power condensed in less than three minutes. Just world, people, life.