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A nice gift from Brooks Running Italy

Brooks Running Italy recently wrote a beautiful article about me. In the next lines a translation from the original piece. Thanks Brooks!

March 12th, 2013 

The large Brooks family is not only full of well-known athletes. A lot of young and passionate guys revitalise the "Run Happy" philosophy...
This is the case for Alessandro Santuz, born in Conegliano (TV - Italy), a great running enthusiast that have been training since he was 11.
After a short break to finish his studies in Aerospace Engineering at University of Padua, in 2011 he started again to run in the 3000 m steeplechase event. A discipline requiring a lot of willpower and hard workouts.
He currently lives in Germany and trains with a group of athletes led by the two-time Olympian in the 1500 m event Carsten Schlangen.
Alessandro grinds lots of kilometres, around 400 each month, and told us that Brooks shoes and apparel are his  ideal companions: "Now I have cumulated about 1300 km with different models of shoes and clothing, and I was surprised by the excellent quality of materials and exceptional attention to detail...that said, I won't ever leave Brooks!". Those were his exact words.
Alessandro writes a very interesting blog about his activities and sports experiences!

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