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2012 Track & Field season

Chronicle of a Steeplechase year

2012 was my first season 10 years after quitting races. Step by step I increased mileage, training sessions, commitment. In complete harmony my family, my girlfriend, my friends and my training mates started and kept on supporting me. It was a special season, that can hardly be synthesized by a short clip. I anyhow tried to and the following images are my biggest thank you to those people who continuously follow my running journey.
"Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor [...]" (Aldous Huxley)
Thanks to mum, dad and Katrina (always the main sponsors and fundamental moral supporters), Mattia (it's a pleasure to search for the scientific explanations of facts), Pie (2013 will be definitely great, you're destroying the right obstacles), Gbo (where should I go without your accurate technical hints?), the whole Cone-Project (more than an idea...a way of life!), Batman (talking with you is always a motivation injection!), Mark (more t…