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7th Airport Run Berlin: second place and PB

Last Saturday, April 27th, me and other 3681 people had the chance to run (perhaps for the last time?) on the new landing strip of the "Berlin und Brandenburg" airport. The 7th Airport Run Berlin, this year started at 7:00 p.m., letting us to enjoy a beautiful sunset even if the clouds brought a little rain since the 5th km. The half-marathon participants went through two laps, while the 10 km course was made of a single lap. You can find the GPS track of my 10 km on the new cloud platform by SportTracks following this link. A strong tailwind really speeded us up in the first 5 km, where I tried also to save some energies for the second part (what a headwind from 5th to 8th km!). After the good final time at the 24th Lauf in Britzer Garten, another PB has come almost unexpectedly, lowering my 10 km best time to 00:34:38.

It was an honour to join the podium of such a great race. The organisation (BERLIN LÄUFT) was, as usual,  perfect and the staff very kind assisting runners…

32nd Pankower Frühlingslauf

The 32nd Pankower Frühlingslauf (official website)was my eighth race this year. A beautiful cross-country course, 2.5 km to be repeated five times (12.5 km the total length), with a small uphill to increase the selection. I classified second, with a time of 0:45:45, behind the (very!) fast Niels Bubel. Another good result after the 24th Lauf im Britzer Garten. The track season is ready to start and I can't wait to join the first steeplechase race. Below a picture of the podium and the final classification. Here the GPS-track on the new Sport Tracks cloud service.

1Bubel, Niels1987DEDie Laufpartner0:41:072Santuz, Alessandro1983ITALG Nord Berlin0:45:453Leidig, Holger

Garmin, Polar and WTEK: heart rate sensors comparison

Thanks again to Mark, head of the Centre of Altitude Training "himaxx Berlin" (, and to WTEK, I had the opportunity to make an interesting comparison between different heart rate monitor sensors. Nowadays this kind of sensor is widely used in sports at every level, helping to track important parameters and to calculate some interesting stuff like training load. The leading actors of this post are the Garmin HRM2-SS, the Polar T31 and the WTEK, in its HS-2+ and HS-1C versions.
Apart from the well-known chest-belt technology (Garmin and Polar), I'd like to do a small introduction about WTEK sensor's working principles. This interesting transducer is a photoplethysmograph, a complicate word for a simple function: it illuminates the skin and subsequently measures the changes in light absorption due to the pulsatile component of the cardiac cycle. In other words, it can measure the differences in blood volume, identifying this way the heart rate of the subj…