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2013 Track & Field season

Chronicle of a Steeplechase year

As said in last year's end-of-season post, 2012 was my first season 10 years after quitting races. This year I kept on smashing my records (it's so easy, when you start again from scratch), even if an Achilles tendinopathy tried to stop me.  Taken from the athlete profile section, here's a review of my improvements:

Some targets were achieved, some others just approached. I really wanted to run sub 10:10.00 in the steeplechase event, but maybe I forced too much in the first part of the season. I am very proud, though, of my improvements in longer distances.Definitely the most important point is that I finally found a great team here in Berlin and I can say I picked up the right pace to start the winter season in a proper way. Carsten, Sebbi, Micha, Merlin...they were all very kind in relieving my forced stop. Not to mention, then, the great support I always had from mum, dad, Katrina and all the friends in Conegliano (Pie, Mattia and Gbo in …