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Heel-to-toe drop: meaning and measurement

In a shoe, the heel-to-toe drop (HTTD), also called heel-drop, is nothing but the difference between the heel and the fore foot height. Some people measure these values without including the insole, but I like more the approach that includes it (there is always an insole, so why forget about it? Moreover, some insoles have differentiated thickness from heel to fore foot). Figure 1 shows the location of the outsole (usually the only part in contact with the ground, provides grip), the midsole (usually located between outsole and insole, provides cushioning) and the insole (also called insert, provides a small amount of cushioning and sometimes supports the arch of the foot).

Typical values of HTTD can be classified (here you can find a list of some shoes I measured) as follows:
0 to 4 mm - usually found in racing flats, "zero-drop" or minimalist shoes, generally low cushioned4 to 8 mm - usually found in racing flats or "low-drop" shoes, generally low cushioned, some…

Heel-to-toe drop values for different running shoes

In Table 1 are shown some heel-to-toe drop (HTTD) values for different shoe models, with original insoles. The method used for the measurements is described here. Please note that the measured shoes are sometimes used, so different values can be expected for shoes of same model and size.

ShoesShoe sizeBrandModelSexWeight [g]Heel height [mm]Forefoot height [mm]HTTD [mm]EUUSUKcmAdidasadiZero AceM24425.613.811.840. AceM26726.015.210.844.010.09.527.5adiZero Adios