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How to publish your Garmin training data to other services with "tapiriik"

There is a new way to publish your training data on multiple services with just one click. And you know what? It's completely free! The name of this great tool is "tapiriik". At the moment it supports synchronisation of SportTracksGarmin ConnectStravaRunKeeperDropbox and TrainingPeaks. With just a few settings you will be able to backup your training data on different databases.
The login to each service can be done just once at the beginning, with the normal User+Password method. Saving the credentials will limit this operation at just the first access. After that you will just need to access tapiriik and do the sync.

The options you can manage are explained in the picture hereunder. You can simply decide, for each service, from and to which other service synchronise your data. In this example I decided to sync the other services starting from SportTracks, because that's where I have my main log.

If you suddenly decide that you don't want to use one of …