June 2015 - Training recap

Finally I did it! The amazing Sparkassen Gala meeting gifted me with my first sub-10, 9:58.22 to be accurate. Given the high level of the field I had to run most of the race alone (finishing last, even if a slower competitor dropped out). But the crazy support of the LG Nord Berlin team, and particularly of the chairman Klaus Brill, injected me with a fair amount of motivation. Keeping the pace appeared incredibly easy and I have been confident almost all the race that I could do it. The splits revealed a solid sequence with 3:15/3:22/3:21, with a quite relaxed second km.
Perspectives now clearly changed. Translating a difficult target into reality gives you the chance of looking at things differently. Now I'll slow down a bit, aiming to increase the mileage from the second half of August focusing on preparing some longer stuff before the exciting winter season.

A crowded start in Regensburg.

Towards PB...and beyond!

As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service.
Here the diary entries for the past June:

Mo 01/06/2015 25' progression, 4x100 m strides (100 m jog rest).
Tu 02/06/2015 Easy 30'.
We 03/06/2015 Off.
Th 04/06/2015 Slow 25' with some hurdles and strides, stretching.
Fr 05/06/2015 RACE: 3000 m SC (Sparkassen Gala Laufnacht - Regensburg).
Sa 06/06/2015 Off.
Su 07/06/2015 Arms and core strength. 50' with 30' XC.
Mo 08/06/2015 Easy 50' with some progression.
Tu 09/06/2015 Off.
We 10/06/2015 15', 3x(30-60-90-60", same time jog rest), CD.
Th 11/06/2015 Slow 40'.
Fr 12/06/2015 Easy 30'.
Sa 13/06/2015 170' sailing (Flying Cruiser).
Su 14/06/2015 110' sailing (Laser Bahia).
Mo 15/06/2015 Easy 50'.
Tu 16/06/2015 Easy 25', 2 strides on grass, 2x150 m strides, 1x1000 m in 2'58", 4' walk rest, 1x2000 m in 6'27", 4' walk rest, 3x400 m in 70" (200 m jog rest), CD.
We 17/06/2015 Slow 30', legs, arms and core strength.
Th 18/06/2015 Easy 40'.
Fr 19/06/2015 Slow 20' with some random strides.
Sa 20/06/2015 RACE: 5000 m (NDM Göttingen).
Su 21/06/2015 Easy 20', 2 strides, 5x200 m uphill strides (downhill jog rest), CD. 50' jog.
Mo 22/06/2015 Slow 30'.
Tu 23/06/2015 30' progression, 5x100 m strides (100 m jog rest), CD.
We 24/06/2015 RACE: 5 km road (16. Berliner Wasserbetriebe 5 x 5 km TEAM-Staffel, Day 1).
Th 25/06/2015 RACE: 5 km road (16. Berliner Wasserbetriebe 5 x 5 km TEAM-Staffel, Day 2).
Fr 26/06/2015 Off.
Sa 27/06/2015 60' easy MTB.
Su 28/06/2015 Easy 20', 2 strides on grass, 3x300 m (48"3-46"6-45"3, 100 m jog rest), easy 3x200 m (200 m jog rest), CD. Easy 40'.
Mo 29/06/2015 50'.
Tu 30/06/2015 Easy 25', 3 diagonal strides on grass, 1x400 m (57"8), 6' walk rest, 300-200-100 m (43"5-31"0-13"8, 200 m jog rest), 6' walk rest, 6 diagonal stride on grass, CD.


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