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March 2015 - Training recap

Constant commitment, a fair mileage and the first hurdles of the season: this was my March. During the last month I put together a lot of hills workouts and some speed on the road. In the last days, I started touching some Tartan: track season will start in the end of April.

As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service.
Here the diary entries for the past March:

Su01/03/2015- 45' XC skiing.
Mo02/03/2015- Easy long (60').
Tu03/03/2015- Arms, legs and core strength.
We04/03/2015- Easy 45' XC.
Th05/03/2015- 30' progression + short CD.
Fr06/03/2015- Easy 40'. Slow 30'.
Sa07/03/2015- Learning XC roller ski (40'). Easy 45'.
Su08/03/2015- Easy 20', 3 easy strides, 6x170 m hill reps (downhill jog rest), 5' walk rest, 3x200 m hill strides (downhill jog rest), CD.
Mo09/03/2015- Easy 50'.
Tu10/03/2015- Easy 20', 2 easy strides, 3x300 m (road, 100 m jog rest), 5' walk rest, 5x200 m (road, 200 m jog rest), CD.