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May 2015 - Training recap

Well, it seems that the hard work starts paying off! After a couple of races without any particular target (a 3000 m SC, a 3000 m flat and a 1500 m), I traveled to Zeven with a high dose of motivation. The 34th Pfingstsportfest was promising a very variegated field, potentially giving a lot of athletes the opportunity to find their pace. I planned 3:20/3:25/all-out for the three km splits in order to attack the 10-minutes wall. I ran 3:18/3:26/3:20, finishing in 10:04.82 (PB of over 10 seconds). Now I can't wait to write a "nine" in front of my PB!
As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service.
Here the diary entries for the past May:
Fr01/05/201565' sailing. Easy 20' with random hurdles.
Sa02/05/201580' sailing.90' sailing.
Su03/05/2015110' sailing.90' sailing.
Mo04/05/2015Legs and core strength.
Tu05/05/2015Easy 25', running drills, 2 strides on grass, easy 2x150 m, 2x1000 m with 5 hurdles/lap (3'22&q…