Ale Santuz: Bivacco Cosi (3111 m - Mt. Antelao)                                                  

Bivacco Cosi (3111 m - Mt. Antelao)

The snow didn't let us to go on top (3264 m) because crampons and axes were at home, but reaching the "Piero Cosi" Bivouac (in the Alps that's how you call an unattended small structure used as an emergency shelter by alpinists) at 3111 m through the Normal Route has been both a great gratification and a good training for the next trip.

Here you can find the link to the photo album: Bivacco Cosi Web Album.

A small preview of the album:

Mt. Antelao (3264 m).

The first snow at 2900 m.

Alberto "Ray" Vianello.

The Bivouac's plate.

The "Bivacco Cosi" (3111 m)!

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